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Next Review: SharePlus Pro v3

The next review has been finally been prepared and will cover: This has been submitted to and will be published first at Nothing But SharePoint: before being posted on my site here. I’ve started preparing the next review and will try to get this finished soon (and play less Angry Birds Space)

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Permissions: Should a Mobile SharePoint Application Respect Them?

This is something that I’ve been thinking about off and on for a few months. As I get into the reviews of the Pro versions of SharePoint applications on iOS, the features of some of these applications allow content to be edited locally on a device so this has got me thinking again. The question is, […]

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Problem using documents created in Office Web Apps on iOS

I found this issue whilst testing some of the SharePoint applications and thought I would share details of it to raise awareness of the issue. So far, I’m not sure whether this falls to Apple or Microsoft to fix; maybe both need to do something.

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Update on 10174 Course and 70-667 Exam

Exam 70-667 Earlier this year I wrote about how I sat exam 70-667 only to find that the exam questions had been updated to include Service Pack 1 and Office 365. It has taken a while but I’m now pleased to say that updated course material is now available. Course 10174A becomes 10174B:

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Which SharePoint application should I get for my iPhone/iPad?

So far I’ve mainly focused my reviews on the Lite/free versions on the SharePoint applications identified in my original post. I’m only just getting started with reviewing the full versions and adding a few extras into the backlog. Free time has been one limitation. Underestimating the work involved is another but I’ve also been waiting […]

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Updates to iOS SharePoint applications Filamente and SharePlus coming soon

Following on from my previous post “How secure is your current iOS SharePoint client” I have heard back from both Aircreek, the makers of Filamente and Infragistics who release SharePlus. All being well, both should be submitting the updated version of their respective applications to Apple for approval on Fri 16th March. Filamente will be […]

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