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Colligo Briefcase Pro V2 Review

Colligo have recently released an update to their Colligo Briefcase product. For the Lite version, the updates have mainly been bug fixes. Colligo Briefcase Pro For the Briefcase Pro version though, the major new feature of this update is the ability to edit content and write back to a SharePoint site.

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Colligo Briefcase Pro Review

This review covers the Pro version of Colligo Briefcase. I’ve previously completed a review of the Lite version which can be found here. The Pro version is available from the iTunes Application Store and costs AU $15.99 in the Australian App store or US $14.99 in the American App store. At the time of writing […]

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Review: Moprise SharePoint Documents for the iPad

Moprise is another SharePoint client application that is produced by Moprise (I’ve previously reviewed Moshare here). There are three versions offered on the Moprise website: Personal, Business and Enterprise. Unlike other SharePoint clients, this application is targeted towards use with documents only. This review covers version 2.3 of the Personal edition of the application which is a 1.9MB […]

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iPass Global Mobile Workforce Report

iPass released their new quarterly report entitled “The iPass Global Mobile Workforce Report: Understanding Mobility Trends and Mobile Usage Among Business Users” covering Q1 2012. Whilst this isn’t specifically SharePoint related, I am still interested in this area of growth as mobile devices will be increasingly used to access SharePoint sites. As the above image shows, […]

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Review: Moshare for iPhone

This review covers Moshare by Moprise. The Moprise web site indicates that there is both a Lite (free) version and a Pro version (US $14.99) available within the App Store but I can only find the Lite version (both links go to the Lite version). There is a “Contact Us” option to find out more information […]

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Colligo Briefcase Lite Review

This article is specifically on the Colligo Briefcase Lite version aka the free version. This is post based on version 1.1.2 which is in the App store as at 1st  March 2012: Colligo Briefcase is available in three variants: Lite, Pro and Enterprise. I don’t have access to the Enterprise version of the product so will […]

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