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The perfect SharePoint iOS app – Features I’d like to see

So what would make the perfect iOS app? I’ve had the idea for this post in my head now for several months and haven’t been able to coax it out into writing until now. Hopefully it has been worth the wait. I’ve reviewed a number of the different SharePoint iOS app offerings including Lite, Pro/Premium […]

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Review: Filamente Lite for iOS

Filamente Lite is a SharePoint client application made by Aircreek. The company offer two versions, Lite and full. Unlike other applications that I’ve reviewed so far, there does not appear to be an enterprise version of this SharePoint client. This review is specifically on the Lite version aka the free version. This post is based on version 1.5.0 which is […]

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Reviews: Mobile SharePoint Clients Overview

There is an increasingly growing list of options when it comes to working with SharePoint when mobile. I thought I would pull together a list of the various mobile SharePoint clients with a view to preparing reviews of them and settling on the best version for my own use: In the coming week or two […]

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