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SharePlus Enterprise Security White Paper published by Infragistics

SharePlus is made by Infragistics. Last Friday, Anand Raja from Infragistics published details of the security features implemented within the SharePlus Enterprise edition to safeguard enterprise data. Their post provides a link to a 13 page PDF that has more detailed content beyond what is highlighted within the blog post. SharePlus: Security White Paper Content The SharePlus Enterprise […]

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Changing Telstra APN on iPhone using configuration tools

You can’t change the Telstra APN within the iPhone Settings. In this post, I’m going to cover changing the Telstra APN using the configuration tools Apple has made available. I’ve already done a quite popular post (on the WordPress hosted site before moving here) about Repeated SharePoint Site Authentication Prompts Using Telstra 3G APN on iOS. […]

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How secure is your current iOS SharePoint client with Office 365?

Is the software you use on your iPad really secure? ================================================================== Updated 27 March 2012: With the release of SharePlus v3 and Filamente 1.6, the issue described below has been resolved in those products. ================================================================== So, you’ve used a SharePoint client on an iOS device to access an Office 365 SharePoint site that you logged […]

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Repeated SharePoint Site Authentication Prompts Using Telstra 3G APN on iOS

I have experienced this authentication issue myself when trying to access a SharePoint 2007 hosted site that requires a user to login. When using a Telstra Next G SIM card in an iPad, I was getting constant issues despite using valid credentials. If I used a wireless network or another Telstra Next G external modem, […]

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