I have already written several reviews. I have started with a focus on iOS applications that work with SharePoint as that is a topic that interests me and I also see as an area of significant interest and growth.

I set out to write detailed reviews that try to cover all aspects of an application so people can be more informed of what to expect beyond advertising and promotional materials. I hope that in providing these reviews they can act as an informative guide to others.

I set out to write informative articles that are open, honest and are based purely on the merits of what is being reviewed.

I try to cover the features and functionality of an application based on use cases and set out the results.

My reviews highlight both the positive and negative aspects of my experience with the application I’m reviewing.

My reviews represent my interpretation and experience with a product. If my interpretation of a product is incorrect I am prepared to resolve this within my articles and acknowledge my mistakes.

I will not remove valid issues, risks or faults that I identify as part of my review. I will provide a vendor with an overview of any issues found ahead of publication but will not change my content unless it is as a result of my misunderstanding.

My reviews are unpaid and unbiased and I hope that they will be of benefit to those within the SharePoint community.

If you have a product that you would like me to review on my site, please contact me so that we can discuss options.

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