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SharePlus Enterprise Security White Paper published by Infragistics

SharePlus is made by Infragistics. Last Friday, Anand Raja from Infragistics published details of the security features implemented within the SharePlus Enterprise edition to safeguard enterprise data. Their post provides a link to a 13 page PDF that has more detailed content beyond what is highlighted within the blog post. SharePlus: Security White Paper Content The SharePlus Enterprise […]

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iOS Security – Security Technology and Features Implemented Within iOS

Apple recently released a documented called “iOS Security May 2012“. Whilst this is only a short (20 page) PDF document, it is quite detailed and informative. Within the document, Apple detail how they have implemented a number of security technologies within the iOS platform used on the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad without compromising the […]

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Changing Telstra APN on iPhone using configuration tools

You can’t change the Telstra APN within the iPhone Settings. In this post, I’m going to cover changing the Telstra APN using the configuration tools Apple has made available. I’ve already done a quite popular post (on the WordPress hosted site before moving here) about Repeated SharePoint Site Authentication Prompts Using Telstra 3G APN on iOS. […]

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The perfect SharePoint iOS app – Features I’d like to see

So what would make the perfect iOS app? I’ve had the idea for this post in my head now for several months and haven’t been able to coax it out into writing until now. Hopefully it has been worth the wait. I’ve reviewed a number of the different SharePoint iOS app offerings including Lite, Pro/Premium […]

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Staying up to date with Mobile for iOS

One thing I touched on within my review of Mobile Pro was how the product polls for updates. I mentioned this within the settings section of the review and having had some feedback on Nothing But SharePoint, I thought I should call this out in more detail. will poll the configured SharePoint sites […]

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What traffic is behind the scenes of an iOS SharePoint application?

Since my review has been posted there has been a question raised on Nothing But SharePoint about whether anything needs to be installed within the SharePoint farm to support and also what kind of HTTP traffic the application may generate. Application Requirements I’ve kept the focus of all the reviews I’ve done so […]

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