Board Papers by Pervasent Review

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Pervasent Board Papers

Pervasent Board Papers

Board Papers by Pervasent is an extremely impressive iPad application that integrates with SharePoint to deliver an easily managed and beautifully presented electronic board paper solution.

The Board Papers application can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store. In the AU store the app can be found here and in the US store it can be found here.

At the time of writing this review, Board Papers is at version 1.3.1 and is a 16.9MB download. The review has been completed using an iPad 2 running iOS 5.1.1. I’ve prepared this review using a SharePoint 2010 site that Pervasent gave me access to use.

SharePoint Requirements

Board Papers currently works with on premise installations of SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010. Pervasent has plans to add support for Office 365 in the future.

Board Papers supports NTLM authentication with support for basic and claims based authentication in the future roadmap of the product.

Unlike other iOS/iPad SharePoint applications that I have reviewed, Board Papers does require some features to be installed on the SharePoint server to support using the iPad application.

Pervasent features

Pervasent features

In addition to these features, the Board Papers application leverages a dedicated web service for communication between the SharePoint server and the iPad device.


There are a number of security features in place to provide safety of the content shown within Board Papers:

  • Access to meeting packs is controlled via the SharePoint site permissions and can be centrally granted/revoked as required
  • Meeting pack visibility can be centrally managed – published or unpublished
  • An expiry date can be set to expire content on the device after a defined period of time
  • SSL encryption was used to protect traffic between the SharePoint Server and the iPad in doing this review
  • The timeout for locking the application is managed centrally via SharePoint
  • A user must log into the Board Papers application on the iPad
  • Repeated failed attempts lead to lock out
  • Content is masked during app switching so other applications can’t capture screen content
  • Any data stored on the application is secured using iOS security features that I have covered here

Other options can also be configured and maintained centrally to ensure all users have the same experience. To further increase security of content you can prevent access to emailing and printing meeting pack content:

Board Paper Settings

Board Paper Settings

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