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SharePoint Document Navigator by Ben Tedder

Yesterday, I came across a post by Ben Tedder: outlining a solution that he has developed and made available on Codeplex. The solution is currently free and is built using: SPServices jQuery Mobile OOTB SharePoint 2010 features This solution can be used to present the content of a Document Library on a mobile device.

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Colligo Briefcase Pro V2 Review

Colligo have recently released an update to their Colligo Briefcase product. For the Lite version, the updates have mainly been bug fixes. Colligo Briefcase Pro For the Briefcase Pro version though, the major new feature of this update is the ability to edit content and write back to a SharePoint site.

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Staying up to date with Mobile for iOS

One thing I touched on within my review of Mobile Pro was how the product polls for updates. I mentioned this within the settings section of the review and having had some feedback on Nothing But SharePoint, I thought I should call this out in more detail. will poll the configured SharePoint sites […]

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What traffic is behind the scenes of an iOS SharePoint application?

Since my review has been posted there has been a question raised on Nothing But SharePoint about whether anything needs to be installed within the SharePoint farm to support and also what kind of HTTP traffic the application may generate. Application Requirements I’ve kept the focus of all the reviews I’ve done so […]

08/05/2012 | By | Reply More Mobile Premium Edition for iPad Review Mobile for iPad has now been officially released and is available in two versions, a free Lite version and the Premium version at a cost of AU $20.99 / US $19.99. This review is focused on the full featured Pro version.

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Using an iOS device with SharePoint Host header values

Simply put, iOS devices don’t have a hosts file that can be edited to point to host header values without being jailbroken and that is not something that would be supported in a corporate IT environment. I realise I will likely come in for stick for admitting this but at home I’m an Apple Mac […]

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