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SharePlus Pro v3 Review

SharePlus Pro is available for both iPhone and iPad and costs AU $20.99 or US $19.99. At the time of writing this review (9 April 2012) the application is at version 3.0 and is a 19 MB download. The application has primarily been used with an Office 365 site but I also connected to a SharePoint 2007 site. The […]

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Next Review: SharePlus Pro v3

The next review has been finally been prepared and will cover: This has been submitted to and will be published first at Nothing But SharePoint: before being posted on my site here. I’ve started preparing the next review and will try to get this finished soon (and play less Angry Birds Space)

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Permissions: Should a Mobile SharePoint Application Respect Them?

This is something that I’ve been thinking about off and on for a few months. As I get into the reviews of the Pro versions of SharePoint applications on iOS, the features of some of these applications allow content to be edited locally on a device so this has got me thinking again. The question is, […]

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DSD Hardening Configuration Guide for iOS 5.1

The Defence Signals Directorate which is part of the Australian Government Department of Defence previously issued a hardening guide in June 2011. That guide covered iOS 4.3.3 and higher and is still available here: Within that guide, it was stated: “DSD does not recommend iOS for use at the PROTECTED/RESTRICTED level. This guide is […]

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Problem using documents created in Office Web Apps on iOS

I found this issue whilst testing some of the SharePoint applications and thought I would share details of it to raise awareness of the issue. So far, I’m not sure whether this falls to Apple or Microsoft to fix; maybe both need to do something.

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