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Update on 10174 Course and 70-667 Exam

Exam 70-667 Earlier this year I wrote about how I sat exam 70-667 only to find that the exam questions had been updated to include Service Pack 1 and Office 365. It has taken a while but I’m now pleased to say that updated course material is now available. Course 10174A becomes 10174B:

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Can Windows 8 Tablets Compete with the iPad with Prices Like This?

Yesterday I was reading this quite interesting article on Lockergnome: The article compares Windows 8 to iPad across a number of areas and tries to identify where Windows 8 will have an advantage over the iPad: Price: Edge = Uncertain Network Options: Edge = Windows 8 Hardware Options: Edge = Windows 8 Processor: Edge = […]

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Window 8 Design case study: iPad to Windows 8 Metro style app

Head on over to the MSDN Dev Center and have a look at this interesting article: Design case study: iPad to Windows 8 Metro style app. I know I am very pro iOS but I have to say that I am also very excited about Windows 8 coming to touch based devices. I personally feel that […]

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Some news and a preview of my next review

News My news is that I’m very, very (extremely, ecstatically) pleased to announce that I’ve been asked to write product reviews exclusively for Nothing But SharePoint. Having only started this blog at the end of November last year as nothing but a hobby that I expected to fizzle out, this is a huge boost for me […]

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Which SharePoint application should I get for my iPhone/iPad?

So far I’ve mainly focused my reviews on the Lite/free versions on the SharePoint applications identified in my original post. I’m only just getting started with reviewing the full versions and adding a few extras into the backlog. Free time has been one limitation. Underestimating the work involved is another but I’ve also been waiting […]

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Colligo Briefcase Pro Review

This review covers the Pro version of Colligo Briefcase. I’ve previously completed a review of the Lite version which can be found here. The Pro version is available from the iTunes Application Store and costs AU $15.99 in the Australian App store or US $14.99 in the American App store. At the time of writing […]

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