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Mega Menus and SharePoint using Mindjet MindManager

Menus came up as a topic of discussion at work today and I mentioned Mega Menus as a potential solution. Last week I was able to make it to the Newcastle SharePoint User Group meeting for the first time and was able to meet and listen to a presentation given by Jeremy Hancock. Jeremy has […]

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Capturx for Sharepoint Server

Just heard about the product Capturx by Adapx and it sounds really promising. The Capturx pen is used to complete existing forms or forms recreated in Excel. The completed form is then uploaded into SharePoint and can also be viewed as a PDF.

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Repeated SharePoint Site Authentication Prompts Using Telstra 3G APN on iOS

I have experienced this authentication issue myself when trying to access a SharePoint 2007 hosted site that requires a user to login. When using a Telstra Next G SIM card in an iPad, I was getting constant issues despite using valid credentials. If I used a wireless network or another Telstra Next G external modem, […]

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